Create a mantra which details why you’re quitting. Keep these reasons in mind every time you are losing your motivation until the cravings go away. This helps you take your focus off of smoking, and instead you are able to focus on other important things to you.

Always keep in mind your motivation. This may mean pinning motivational messages on your office wall, or wearing a bracelet that symbolizes your intentions. Whatever method you choose, this type of visual reminder may help you ward off craving and temptation.

List the reasons why you want to stop smoking. Write down everything that you can possibly think of, no matter how big or small it is. When you are tempted to smoke, refer to your list of reasons why you want to quit. That will help you to remember what is important, and will reinforce your dedication to quitting.

A support group can help you follow up on your decision to stop smoking. Support groups can help you learn how to cope with the physical and emotional challenges you may experience while quitting. Having a support system can be invaluable. You can check your local church, rec center, or even the community college to find these support groups.

Research the deadly side effects of smoking. You will realize that quitting is serious and necessary. View pictures of people with smoking related cancers as well as the tribute pages of those who have died from smoking.

Find someone that you can call on for support in case you feel tempted to smoke while you’re trying to quit. It doesn’t matter whether that person is a family member or a friend, reach out and tell them about how great your craving is to have a smoke. The time you spend in conversation with them on the phone will provide a nice distraction so your craving has time to pass, and you will realize you aren’t alone in this whole process.

Concentrate on each day as it comes to help you quit smoking. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to focus on quitting forever; just quit for today. You’ll feel like you’ve achieved more by celebrating every single day you don’t smoke. Once you are committed to short term quitting, thinking about the long term will be easier.

It’s very hard to stop smoking and is quite an emotionally challenging feat. Addiction-driven cravings can really take a toll on you. Try keeping a diary about your nicotine urges and cravings. Note typical times and situations that make you crave a cigarette. By doing these things, you may be able to better pinpoint your triggers and how to avoid them.

Find a buddy to quit smoking with. If you have a friend who is also attempting to quit, then partner up with this person and provide support to each other. You will be able to benefit from giving mutual support, as well as possibly finding activities you can both do to keep your mind off of smoking. Additionally, try to feed off of one another in an effort to gain valuable advice and strategies.

Nicotine replacement therapy can help keep you from feeling agitated as you quit smoking. By providing your body with low amounts of nicotine, you can prevent withdrawal symptoms while gradually reducing your dependence. Once you’ve successfully stopped smoking, you can wean yourself off nicotine as well.

Give your friends and close relatives the word about your decision to stop smoking. You will then be motivated to stick with it, because those closest to you will offer support and encouragement. Ask them to help remind you why you are quitting smoking when times get hard.

Get into a fitness routine by joining a gym and occupy your smoking time with beneficial exercise. Exercise will also help you relieve stress. If you do not exercise normally, you can start by taking short walks outside daily. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Nicotine addiction can make the idea of giving up cigarettes seem impossible. Stopping can cause both physical and emotional withdrawals. By using some of the tips and tricks in this article, you may be able to ease your battle. With the use of these good tips, coupled with your own desire for success, you can finally quit smoking for good.

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