Everyone—including smokers themselves—knows about the dangerous effects of nicotine. But why don’t they all just quit? The reason is quitting cold-turkey is not as easy as you think. When you stop doing something that you were addicted to, even if you have last smoked about three hours ago, you will feel a lot of discomfort. Common withdrawal symptoms include:

    • Intense craving for nicotine;

    • Anxiety, tension, restlessness, frustration, or impatience;

    • Difficulty to focus;

    • Either drowsiness or insomnia, and if you are able to sleep, bad dreams and nightmares;

    • Increased appetite and possible weight gain; and,

    • Irritability or depression.

These might have scared you off into continuing your habit for the rest of your life and just take risk with lung cancer instead. However, there is now a way for you to quit smoking without having to experience the severity of these symptoms. This possible aid come in spray and pill forms and is known as Smoke Deter. But do they really work? These Smoke Deter spray reviews will help you find out.

Smoke Deter ingredients

The reason why smokers have a hard time quitting is because they fear that the withdrawal symptoms will weaken their resolve and get back into the habit. With the Smoke Deter spray, they should not worry about that because it contains ingredients that help fight or prevent each symptom that an ex-smoker experiences. These include:

    • Black spruce – relieves hard cough, headache, and stomachache (which ex-smokers usually experience after eating), but it is also useful against restlesness and hunger pains;

    • Monkshood or wolfsbane – calms restlessness, dry cough with tickling sensations, and chest pains;

    • Oates – Soothes nerves;

    • Poison nut – fights food cravings and other stress-related symptoms;

    • Arsenicum iodatum – relieves dry cough, common bronchitis symptoms, and burning sensation in the nose and throat; and,

    • St. Ignatius bean – relieves physical manifestations of stress such as abdominal cramps, neck or back pains, headaches, and heavy sensations in the chest.

What Smoke Deter users think

Overall, most Smoke Deter users have been satisfied with the product as its pill-spray combination fulfill its claim of helping ex-smokers through the pains of quitting. Not only does it relieve body pains, but it also lessens food cravings consistently. By treating these symptoms, Smoke Deter users had an easier time kicking their smoking habit.

    • All of the Smoke Deter’s ingredients are natural; and,

    • Results show as early as three weeks.

The only con here is you have to take both products—spray and pill—for the Smoke Deter to work. Using either treatment alone is rendered useless and you will most definitely feel the symptoms of withdrawal, so remember this while ordering.

Note, however, that the product does not do all the work in keeping you from smoking. You have to be willing to quit as well, otherwise the treatment will not work.

Final verdict

Because the Smoke Deter’s formula works by preventing or fighting the common symptoms experienced during nicotine withdrawal, ex-smokers can now easily stop smoking cigarettes without having to go through the pain they feared.

Its all-natural ingredients also ensure that you will not experience any negative side-effects while using the product. Give it a try and this might be the help you need to break your smoking habit for good.

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